Facing the Lion

​“My survival testifies to the fact that even young people can triumph over adversity, provided that their conscience is trained and that they learn high moral and ethical values.  It is my heartfelt wish that  my experience inspire others to face the “lions” in their lives with hope and courage”

Typically speaking, my usual book choice would normally consist of a thriller/mystery genre with plenty of plot twists and turns thrown in to keep it interesting.  Unfortunately, my attention span leaves a lot to be desired so if a book isn’t going anywhere fast it usually ends up in an unfinished state forever more.

Months ago, however, a friend of mine recommended Facing The Lion by Simone Arnold Liebster.  Last week, another friend actually bought said book for me and very kindly had it sent to my house.  I read it cover to cover that same day.  I was absolutely captivated by its contents and overwhelmed by the remarkable strength of character that this little girl displayed regardless of what was thrown her way and the burdens she carried on her young shoulders.  In short, it’s the autobiography of a twelve year old girl named Simone, living in Nazi Europe.  She tells of her experiences as her world literally crumbles around her, piece by piece.

I’m definitely not a book reviewer.  In fact, I scarcely read reviews myself.  If I’m going to read something, I’ll read whatever I want or whatever takes my fancy during that particular time.  Having said that, in my opinion, this book cannot simply be surpassed or forgotten.  When something has the ability to stop you in your tracks you know it’s something very special.  Her writing is so honest, matter-of-fact and emotive that it’s almost impossible not be inspired or moved by it.


2 thoughts on “Facing the Lion

  1. Absolutely true. This book captivated me too and her story stays with me. I hope to be able to show the same integrity and courage should the time ever come where I need to.


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